What Others Say

Testimonial CMC

Matt Securro
VP Human Resources


Conway Medical Center relies on its Directors to take on the leadership challenges associated with meeting the healthcare needs of our community. Healthcare leadership is demanding and stressful.

We were looking for the right kind of educational opportunity that we thought would be of most benefit to our leadership team. We did our homework and received glowing references from other community businesses that previously worked with Dr. Cromer. We felt the sessions would be well received, but what we got was much more than quality educational sessions; we soon realized Dr. Cromer was an invested partner who became our leadership coach. Our leaders would look forward to each session and we saw a return on the investment immediately. Directors were stopping me in the hall talking about how they were putting to practice what Dr. Cromer had coached. Steve has a tremendous ability to connect with individuals and relate his teachings to the real life stressful challenges of the workplace.



Testimonial Gary

Gary Gaffney
John Maxwell Team
Professional Trainer & Coach
Agri-Equipment International


Steve helped me gain clarity on my values and vision. This has been applied to decision making in my work, personal and family life. I am now pursuing a lifelong dream of serving others, while maintaining proper balance in my family life. I would suggest anyone to work with Steve to gain results and move forward if you are stuck somewhere in your life. He always asks the right questions and is a GREAT listener. Thank you Steve!




Testimonial Jennifer

Jennifer Croft
Strong Body Strong Mind


Before coaching with Steve my life choices were mere reactions to daily ups and downs. I often felt frustrated because I didn't understand the importance of setting boundaries and following through with them.

One of the greatest things I've learned from Steve is how to focus on the results I want in my life and how to make healthy choices that will ultimately end in those results versus just reacting to challenges. This has enabled me to experience peace in my life, even during highly challenging situations.

Though Steve uses a direct approach in his coaching, I’ve always felt his kindness and genuine concern for my personal growth. The skills I’ve learned with him have helped in all areas of my life, including my roles as a business owner, a mother, and a wife.



Testimonial UMC

Jane L. Whitehead
Certified Lay Servant
United Methodist Church


The decision to enter coaching with Steve (after first trying another coach) was just what I needed to help me flesh out the call to be a Lay Pastor.

Steve’s probing questions that made me think and dig deep within myself for answers. He did this in a caring and gentle way, but I still had to do the hard work.

The hard work paid off. I gained the tools I needed to listen more, react less and to process information before giving an opinion or answer. I learned to be still and how to focus. This also helped me deal with my acute anxiety and insecurity.

My personal and professional life benefitted from coaching. If you are at a crossroads don’t know which direction to go in, I suggest you call Steve. You will find him to be a caring, concerned person who genuinely wants to help you be the person you were intended to be.



Testimonial Jan

Jan Berry
Berry Financial Group


Working with Steve was a Godsend for me, my husband, and one of my young adult children (with whom Steve also worked separately). Some of the truths I have had reinforced and concepts I have learned while meeting with Steve include but certainly are not limited to:

  • Over functioning by one person in a relationship leads to under functioning by the other person
  • The dynamics of relationships (the relationship triangle and healthy distance in relationships)
  • Acceptance
  • I can only change myself
  • Techniques to manage and in some cases eliminate anxiety

If you’re struggling, having difficulty finding peace, or feeling unsure of the best things to do in your circumstances, Steve can help you make progress. He has helped us move from a place of control to a position of influence with our grown children.



Testimonial Nikki

Nikki Capps
Tantalizing Tanning Salons


During a time when I had MANY changes going in my life, both personal and professional, Steve helped me to stay positive and focused when interacting with the ones in my life who look to me for guidance. He helped me to think about my thoughts and actions in a healthier way and to be able to do that on my own. It has been an invaluable experience.





Testimonial Eastway

Ronnie Armeen
President & CEO
Eastway Lock & Key


I can’t believe how much I have accomplished working with Steve. It has truly been a pleasure and a great help to be encouraged to identify my values, skills, passions, and devise a new strategy for working alongside of my employees. Steve helped me to rediscover the skills I already possessed, and put them to use to create a better relationship with my employees. Once this was accomplished, the work place and production has been a joy for all. I can say without reservation that coaching with Steve has been a very helpful and productive process.



Testimonial Steve

Steve Sifford


I spent thirty years career in the entertainment field. Out of necessity, my wife and I relocated and left what had been familiar and comfortable for almost twenty years. Because of a health issue, I was advised to stop performing for a year. When I got the green light to work again, I found myself in a very different place geographically and professionally.

To move forward, I made the decision to work with Steve.
My experience with him was both comfortable and challenging. Steve encouraged me leave my comfort zone in some areas that needed to be stretched. He also initially asked me to look at situations from the perspective of the other party. That may be elementary for some, but we entertainment folk can be a little self-absorbed.

Trust is imperative if the coaching relationship is to be healthy and mutually beneficial. Steve can be trusted. One of his greatest strengths is revealed in the manner that he leads others to search and think for themselves.
Steve is authentic, living out what he encourages others to discover. He’s dealt with some of the same life issues that many of us deal with and, through it all, he’s been honorable, resolute, accountable and genuine. What more could you ask of anyone?



Testimonial Couple

Chip & Eve Bishop


Having benefited from Steve's coaching in a professional setting for our firm's goals, we decided to work with him for some family goals. He helped us identify our priorities, move forward toward practical results, and employ our strengths to meet our goals. Steve is especially adept at listening well and educating clients with relevant materials that have continued to bring insights to us. His coaching is an effective resource for numerous issues such as health, career development, or enhancing relationships. He is also an excellent public speaker for a variety of groups!



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